What is Sky ‘On Demand’?

On Demand by Sky is UK’s biggest ‘Catch Up’ TV service. You can set up a TV Box and store hundreds of movies and TV series to watch whenever you wish to. You can set up On Demand by connecting a Sky+ compatible box to any broadband router. The service comes at no extra monthly cost.

What are the features of Sky Multiroom?

The Sky Multiroom lets you watch Sky TV from different rooms at the same time. You can set up a box in as many rooms you wish to, subscriptions will apply to each box. You will need a Sky Multiroom subscription and a Sky HD Multiroom box.

What are the benefits of Sky Apps?

Sky Apps give you access to news, match scores and developments, movie trailers and reviews, live entertainment and much more on the go, wherever you are in UK and Ireland.

What are the broadband options with Sky?

You can choose from three broadband packages with Sky Broadband Unlimited, Broadband Lite and Fibre Unlimited. To know more about these packs, contact Sky helpline or us to reach the right number.

Does Sky offer special benefits to existing customers?

Yes, If you are a Sky customer, you receive benefits like exclusive seats for top Sky shows and vouchers for inviting friends to Sky. Sky has offers and packages for new customers as well. You can know more about these offers by contacting the right service number.

Is there an all-sports package in Sky?

Yes, The ‘Sports Bundle’ by Sky offers over 35 channels, and eight HD free-to-air channels. The pack starts at £42 a month, and can be personalised according to a customers’ needs.